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ASIX Launches New EtherCAT Slave Controller with Dual-Core MCU Solution

ASIX AX58400 EtherCAT Slave Controller with Dual-Core MCU is equipped with the highest-performing 480MHz ARM® Cortex®-M7 core, 240MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4 core, and EtherCAT Slave Controller integrated with two embedded Fast Ethernet PHYs.

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ASIX launches AxRobot EtherCAT 7-Axis Force-Assisted Control Robot Solution

Release Date: 2021/6/

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ASIX launches new Quad Port TSN Gigabit Ethernet PCIe NIC Solution

TSN技术与OPC UA通讯协议技术的结合,提供实现工业物联网(IIoT)与工业网际网路(Industrial Internet)的关键技术,未来亦将成为新一代工业通信技术的明日之星。

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COVID-19: A Great EtherCAT Slave IC Solution for Smart Factory

The COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic has brought a huge impact on the global manufacturing industry, but it has also given global manufacturers a new opportunity to accelerate the development of smart factory industrial automation applications.

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亚信展出最新EtherCAT + IO-Link主站通讯协议堆叠解决方案

亚信电子即将于「2019 台北国际自动化工业大展」展示亚信最新的EtherCAT + IO-Link主站通讯协议堆叠解决方案


[台湾新竹讯, 2019年8月14日]
亚信电子(ASIX Electronics Corp.)接续2018年推出大中华地区首款EtherCAT从站控制芯片的强大气势,即将于「2019 台北国际自动化工业大展」展示亚信最新的EtherCAT + IO-Link主站通讯协议堆叠解决方案,PCIe转TSN解决方案与各种最新的AX58100 EtherCAT从站产品应用情境。


亚信电子与意法半导体(STMicroelectronics)合作,使用AX58100 EtherCAT从站控制芯片搭配X-CUBE-MCSDK马达控制软体开发套件,提供客户一个简单设计的EtherCAT从站马达同步控制参考设计解决方案。亚信同时邀请其它合作厂商一起展示其开发成功的AX58100 EtherCAT从站产品应用。


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ASIX Launches New EtherCAT Slave Controller

In response to the rapidly growing demand for Industry 4.0 market, ASIX Electronics Corp., a leading fabless semiconductor company for industrial/embedded networking/bridging solutions, today announces a new AX58100 2/3-port EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) which includes eight Fieldbus Memory Management Units (FMMUs), eight Sync Managers, 64-bit distributed clock and 8Kbytes Dual-Port RAM (DPRAM). The AX58100 integrates two embedded Fast Ethernet PHYs which can support both copper and fiber industrial Ethernet applications.