FTDI - specialists in converting peripherals to Universal Serial Bus (USB), offering the easiest route to USB migration by combining USB-Serial (USB-RS232) and USB-FIFO silicon solutions with our ready-to-go royalty free USB drivers. FTDI's "total" solutions offer reduced development and debug costs and a fast time to market.

FTDI offer a wide range of products to allow easy interfacing to devices over USB. Our products are grouped into the following categories. 

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FTDI offer a range of USB connectivity ICs. The range consists of our Vinculum family of USB Host / Slave controllers and our FT series family of USB Slave based converter devices. 

FT-X series

USB ports to UART, I2C, enhanced SPI (FT1248) or FIFO interfaces

FT200XD – Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge in 10 pin DFN package
FT201X – Full Speed USB to I2C Bridge
FT220X – Full Speed USB to 4-Bit SPI / FT1248 Bridge
FT221X – Full Speed USB to 8-bit SPI / FT1248 Bridge
FT230X – Full Speed USB to Basic UART
FT231X – Full Speed USB to Full Handshake UART
FT240X – Full Speed USB to 8- bit FIFO

Vinculum family

USB Host / Slave Controllers

Vinculum-II Programmable USB 2.0 Host / Slave Controller
Vinculum Embedded USB 2.0 Host Controller

FT Series ICs

USB Slave Converters

FT232H - Single Channel Hi-Speed USB to Multipurpose UART/FIFO IC
FT2232H - Hi-Speed USB 2.0 - Dual UART/FIFO Converter
FT4232H - Hi-Speed USB 2.0 - Quad UART Converter
FT232R – Single USB 2.0 to Serial UART Converter IC
FT245R – Single USB 2.0 to FIFO Converter IC
FT232B – Single USB to UART Converter ICs
FT245B – Single USB to FIFO Converter ICs


Range of USB converter cables offering a range of connectivity options. Cables come with integrated electronics featuring FTDI ICs.

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Range of PCB boards and sub-assemblies featuring FTDI ICs. The modules are available in a range of formats to supporting activities from basic prototyping to integration into finished product designs. 

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