1992 China Business Unit established
1994 Started to represent Micrel Incorporation for its power devices.
Award from Micrel"Sales Recognition Award"
1996 Shanghai Office established
1997 Started to represent AverLogic Incorporation for its video process devices.
1998 Started to represent Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG for its non-volatile SRAM.
1999 Beijing Office established
Started to represent Alcor Micro Incorporation for its USB Hub Controllers.
Award from Micrel"Asia Rep/Distributor of The Year
2000 Shenzhen Office established
Started to represent Abracon Corporation for its Crystals, Oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, Transformers, Inductors, Chokes and etc.
2001 Chengdu Office established
Started to represent Trimble Navigation Limited for its GPS Module, Timing Module and Embedded Board.
2002 Wuhan Office established
Started to represent Impulsesoft Private Limited for its Wireless Application Software Development Solution.
Started to represent Mentor Graphics Corporation for its Inventra IPX, HDL Division products.
Started to represent Ittiam Systems Private Limited for its multimedia IP.
2003 Qingdao Office established Xiamen Office established
Started to represent Teknovus Incorporation for its TDM over Ethernet, 802.3ah Ethernet PON products.
Started to represent Etenna antenna product.
Started to represent Yuantonix RF PA module for GSM/GPRS products.
Started to represent Globespan Virata WLAN product.
Started to represent Nazomi Multimedia Application Processor for portable product.
Started to represent Wispry RF switchs, Digital Duplexer products.
2004 Suzhou Office established
Started to represent Ltrim power management & Regulator IP product.
Started to represent SGMC Mixed signal product.
Started to represent Genesys Logic USB2.0 Card reader/Flash Drive/OTG Controller, USB HUB Controller, PCI-E PHY products.
2005 GFE International (Hong Kong) Limited Spin-off Hong Kong Office established Paid-in capital up to US$ 2.8M
Started to represent Vativ 10GbE Transceiver product.
Started to represent Protocom MPEG1/2/4 codec,MPEG2/4 transcoder products.
2006 Started to Represent TM RF Front-end products
Started to Represent Silicon Data SoC Solution for VoIP
2007 Started to Represent FTDI USB Bridge Solution
Started to Represent MED Microdisplay products
Started to Represent UBEC ICs for Wireless Applications
Started to Represent ASIX Network Connectivity Solutions
Started to Represent IntellaSys SEAforth Multi Cores Processor
2008 Paid-in capital up to US$ 3.8M Started to Represent Altair Mobile WiMax products
Started to Represent Alpha Imaging DAB & Digital Audio Amp
Started to Represent Oculon Microdisplay Module