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About GFE

GFE international (Hong Kong) Limited (GFEi), a subsidiary of Galaxy Far East Cooperation (GFEC), spun off her Greater China business unit as a demand creation oriented electronic components distributor since 2005. The purpose of spin-off is to fully provide our local management elites an ultimate career development environment.

With the principle of Commitment, Cooperation, Concentration, Consideration and Contribution, GFEi teammates not only gained highly appreciation from customers by her excellent service, but also made tremendous contribution for promotion of Chinese technology by introducing innovative technologies and products continuously since her operation starting from 1992.

We believe our business success and customer satisfaction will be maintained a high level standard continuously under GFEC’s strong back-up, and even further promoted to a world-class standard through more resource inputs from recent merger of GFEC and Macnica.

GFEi elites are all hard working people with fully understanding about our 5-Cs principle [ Commitment, Cooperation, Concentration, Consideration, Contribution ]. We commit to provide you a best contribution by our principle of Cooperation, Concentration and Consideration. And we commit to prove that we are worthy of your trust, and your choice of us as a long-term business partner is totally correct.

About GFEC 

Galaxy Far East Cooperation (GFEC), a Taiwan based company founded in 1979, listed in Taipei Stock Exchange in 2003, is a leading technology oriented electronic components distributor.

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About Macnica

Macnica, Inc., a Japan based multi-national company founded in 1972, listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2000, is a leading technology oriented value-added distributor.

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